Music has been a life long journey of mine as well as woodworking. They both started at around the age of ten. Music allowed me to express myself in ways i wasn't able to prior. I was able to voice emotions and feelings that had been buried so deep within me. This drove me to explore as many different varieties of sound that i could find. I had a natural gift at expressing through sound. With all of my exploration into sound I started to combine all of it with a looping pedal.

I loved to play music but it was finding my spiritual path around 2011 that gave me a purpose in it all. I wanted to have an impact through music on the world. This led me to writing and performing. My path soon lead me to traveling the world. From Peru to India to Africa to Russia to Europe and more. My soul was being filled and my mind expanded. I collected a variety of instruments while on my travels. I bought a flute in India and i fell in love with it. This was my first time owning a flute.

Awhile later While i was traveling through Nevada i stumbled upon a Native American flute for sale and i bought it. The sound and scale of the flute was so incredibly soothing. It calmed me every time i played. I knew there was something special about these flutes. I started to add that flute into my music and live performances. One night after a performance someone had stolen my flute. I didn't know that my stolen flute would end up changing my life.

As a woodworker who was already making didgeridoos I decided to step into the path of making these flutes. Me loosing my flute lead me to trying to make my own. My humble beginnings started in a small 4x6 green house i bought in my parents backyard. I eventually got a space of my own with a nice sized shop. I spent countless hours studying and researching the in's and out's of flute making. A fire of passion grew inside of me and i was obsessed with the craft. Ive had a few mentors along the way that i am very grateful for. Mac Lopez had the most impact on me among others. He spoke into my heart and gave me his blessing to make the native american style flute.
He told me it was more than a craft it was a journey. He was right. The people and connections i have made through selling flutes has impacted my life so deeply. I feel so honored to make these healing instruments for you all.

I’ve spent the last 4 years dedicating most of my time to making and learning these instruments. My craft is always growing and developing and changing with new inspirations. I take every step in my process seriously and with care. To make a great sounding flute every step counts. Flutes are relatively easy to make but very difficult to master.

It’s a form of service for me as a maker to give to those who are seeking to connect with the flutes Medicine. They have changed my life and i hope the same for you.

I currently reside in Woodstock, GA and have a beautiful shop dedicated to the production of the Native American flute.