Terms and conditions


-By making this purchase, you agree to acknowledge and accept that our made-to-order flutes have a production time of 1-4 months from the date purchased.


-To be eligible for a return or refund, I must hear from you with in 7 days of the flute arriving. You must meet one of these requirements and your flute must be in the same condition that you received it.

-The only case returns or Refunds are considered is if there is something wrong on our end such as cracks in the wood, dents or chips that weren’t previously discussed, damage during the shipping process or the flutes tuning noticeably off. If I determine that your flute meets these requirements then a refund will be put into action. Refunds are not considered until the product has arrived to you and you have inspected it.

 Refunding is a last option! I will always try to fix any mistakes that are made first.